Abigail Hookham

Visual storytelling, creative thinking and innovative design are the three core disciplines that drive my practice. With a background in traditional and textile art a large amount of my inspiration comes from the tactile surfaces and vibrant colours found in the textile trade and natural world. I often use traditional techniques, like watercolours, pastels and clay modelling to begin works of art, whether for print, digital concepts or in-game assets. These are then taken into the computer where I use my skills in 2D and 3D software to create polished and refined 2D paintings.

I am fascinated by the concept of combining the digital with the physical and so I have a strong interest in Augmented and Virtual Realities. For the past 9 months I have been developing a product that utilises AR as unique storytelling device when combined with a physical pop-up book. The idea is to give children a physical object to interact with (the pop up book and interactive paper mechanics) whilst still involving themselves with the technology they are to grow up with. For this project I have written an original story, created characters and environments, learnt paper engineering, scripted the actions for the AR elements, learnt how to make stop motion animations in Photoshop and After Effects, learnt how to use a new visual scripting software to create the AR, as well as attending additional business lectures and creating an extensive business plan. This was a massive project and really pushed me out of my comfort zone, as a result I was able to not only gain new skills but also better my skills in 2D painting, generating a new and consistent style fitting for the project. I hope to continue developing my skills after graduation whilst contributing on a wider scale.




Email: abigail.hookham@hotmail.co.uk

Portfolio: http://www.abigailhookham.com/


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