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Ádám Király

My name is Ádám Király I’ve been doing 3d modelling for almost 8 years now and got into games design in my second year at University. Games are such an amazingly complex industry that it keeps the callenges coming every day and you can never get bored. My final project was a VR game prototype that has now been released into Early Access on Steam.

Caelum is a VR adventure game among the clouds. It is a light puzzle game with impressive visuals to complement the experience.
This project, being VR, has really kept me challenged through the process. I had to produce a prototype that worked well, played well and looked good. The prototype ended up being a full demo for the game that we took to Norwich Gaming Festival and had more than 200 people try it with any major issues and lots of great feedback. I knew I wanted to publish Caelum at some point and I had my company, Digital Realms Ltd, set up in February and now I am on Steam with the game. My short term goal is to expand the demo into a 20-30 minute long first level and later on produce 5 more levels to reach around 1.5-2 hours of playtime.

I have used 3D Coat extensively on this project and the game is build in Unreal 4. Maya became a secondary tool in my pipeline since all my asset production tools are present in 3D Coat.

Currently I am looking for publishers/investors to move the game forward faster and be able to work full time on it.

Twitter: @DigitalRealmsVR


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