Bethany Miller

I am an artist passionate about Concept Art and Game Design. Focused on emotive and unique games I have developed a painterly style with which I can communicate my game design ideas effectively. I am devoted to creating new things and experimenting and learning from each idea and experience.

Over my time at NUA I have not only refined my 2D art skills but I have also learnt how to use programs such as Maya and Zbrush, and I have learnt how to produce games using Unreal Engine 4. Using these programs has helped me learn how to produce 3D concept art and game ready assets, as well as creating the mechanics within a game itself.

I am in love with the gaming industry and am committed to pushing it’s boundaries with new ideas. I also believe in a more diverse industry and am passionate about creating a community that welcomes a whole spectrum of individuals; creating games that are diversive and expanding the range of stories that can be shared through gaming. I believe that gaming has a lot of potential to create memorable experiences, stories and art and I am passionate about using the skills I have learnt at NUA to create these things.



Rene Bencik

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