Boyan Kazalov

My name is Boyan Kazalov, and I’m an artist who has a huge passion for games.

I was born in Varna, Bulgaria and developed an early passion for arts and entertainment in my early ages. Despite the fact that my studies were never art related it has always been a huge part of my life. Having art as a hobby in my early years, I have been self-taught, up until the age of 18 when I decided to make the biggest change in my life and move to Norwich in the United Kingdom to pursue an art career in the games industry at Norwich University of the Arts.

University was where my passion for art and creativity really started to grow as I was exposed to a whole new world. Shifting from pen and paper to digital drawing all the way to 3D software like Zbrush and Maya helped develop my knowledge and creativity when making art.

I’m always looking to push my limits and grow as an artist. This is something that I can’t imagine my life without.





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