Charlotte Lawrence

My name is Charlotte and I’m a concept artist and illustrator, focusing on character design. I’ve always loved games, drawing and films, so combining these passions together took me in this direction of pursing a full time career within the digital creative industries. I have always been drawn to turning my ideas into something that could be enjoyed through different forms of media, which is why I have had an interest in researching it since I was in high school. As a person, I have always been very ambitious and hardworking, attending as many events as I can to learn more about the industry itself.
Although concept art is my main speciality, throughout my time at NUA I have learnt to use many programs such as zBrush, Maya and Unreal Engine. I very much enjoy hand painted texturing and this course gave me a chance to do that which is something I want to continue learning when I leave.

My final year project was based on the Russian fairytale, ‘Koschei the Deathless’, where I created the main characters within the story which include the sorceress Baba Yaga, Koschei the ‘immortal’, Marya the warrior princess and Ivan the prince, who was able to destroy Koschei. I loved being able to use traditional Russian influences throughout my characters as I always wanted to incorporate a historical base within a project of mine. The year and my time at university has been invaluable and I’ve learnt so many new skills that I can’t wait to take forward within my future career.



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