Chloe Phillips

With a background in Fine Art, I am a 2D concept artist who, over the duration of the GAD course, experimented with Matte Painting, and the utilization of 3D programs in the creation of 2D images. I have been a digital artist since before coming to the NUA, but am certainly aided by a balance of digital and traditional art.

My Project [FAUST] started as an interpretation of Thomas Manns Doctor Faustus, set in the pre-cyberpunk landscape of the early 22nd Century. The focus was on creating a representation of the characters I felt was more honest, considered, and meaningful for today, rather than the narrative itself. As well as this, I wanted to approach a setting that would challenge me as an artist. I am looking to continue to develop this project, and explore aspects which didn’t make it into the timeframe.

I love to explore narrative, envisioning the old in ways that enhance what was already there, or see something new. Death of the author in a balance of interpretation and intended meaning. Lots of my creations are driven by a sense of bittersweet nostalgia, knowing we must continue moving forward. In [FAUST] this comes through, being a story told over a lifetime, and one I was first introduced to almost 7 years ago.

Setting out to the future, I aim to keep learning and developing. I continue to set out to make video games as much of my future as my past!





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