Daniel Waite

I am a concept artist and my name is Daniel Waite.

My purpose and time spent at university has always been about self-improvement with the goal of working in the games industry for companies such as Blizzard, CD Projekt and Valve in the role of a 2D artist producing character or asset based content. I have learnt throughout university many working methods in 2D and 3D using software such as Photoshop / Maya / Zbrush / Unreal Engine 4 and have found overlapping uses between each specialism and its corresponding toolkit.

This 3rd year has been primarily about improving my understanding of human anatomy and my ability to comfortably produce human / humanoid characters given this was my least covered area of study. This has been achieved through prolonged efforts with life drawing and undertaking workshops in traditional wax model making covering the full anatomy of the human form, as well as my self-directed final project to produce competent characters of a humanoid nature from start to finish.

My art tends towards stylization given I enjoy the freedom this entails to create expressive characters, though I bear reverence for realism in design and use it to inform my work in both a visual and mechanical context.

I look forward to the many opportunities for the betterment of my skills and the potential to begin working in an industry that I have admired for a lengthy time.



Email: DanielTWaite@Hotmail.com

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/tnedutstranamai

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielthomaswaite/




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