Dennis Wong

I am a digital artist from Vietnam specialising in visual concept development and illustration, with a focus on historical and fantastical subjects. My third year final project, ‘Akrites’ embodies this as an effort to develop the look and feel of a medieval Byzantine fantasy world. Through this course, I have picked up various skills and techniques which have now become crucial parts of my workflow, such as the use of 3D block-outs as bases for environmental and prop design. I hope to push myself even further in the future and I aim to eventually work for developers such as Warhorse Studios, CD Projekt Red or Bethesda Games Studios.

My main influences so far have come from historical sources from around the world, and also films, games and literature that fall under the umbrella of fantasy. Furthermore, there are so many tales and artefacts from various nations and cultures out there that have greatly enriched my library of visual references. These sources all contribute to my process of idea generation and I am rewarded with a better level of appreciation for the stories of the different cultures around the world.

One thing I am truly thankful for having learnt is the capability for taking feedback and critique in a positive way. I know that I can always do better and this constant push is the thing that will hopefully help me work towards a successful and rewarding industry career.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts about my work!


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