Geena Mawston

I’m Geena, an Illustrator and a 2D concept artist.

I’ve been incredibly interested in the exploration of video game worlds and characters ever since I was young. At first I wanted to be a comic artist so I could create my own worlds with characters I could develop myself. However, during the end of my final college year I was introduced to the world behind the video games and the creative process that goes into making them. After further research into the different roles I applied to study Games Art and Design and NUA. I have enjoyed it so much and I feel like I’ve improved so much since starting.

My Final University project, ‘Which Hunt’, was influenced by the Salem Witch trials and hunts that happened during the 17th Century throughout the world. I wanted to showcase these events with world building concepts of environments and characters.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries on my work.

Thank you.




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