Gregory Chryssaphes

I am a concept artist specialising in prop design and concepts for environments. I spent time studying Fine Art & Design before developing a focus on the type of artwork used to shape films and games. At university, I have come to understand the role of a concept artist and that of many others in the development pipeline and I seek to make myself fit efficiently and effectively as part of this system.

I spent my final year developing my skills as a concept artist by fine tuning my iterative process, exploring 3D in my workflow, and generating thought provoking designs for my portfolio.

During this time, I developed a project focused on visually realising a small section of a fictional world. This project explored themes of morality and pondered on the idea of humanity creating new life in the near-future, and the consequences of playing God.

I am greatly influenced by such franchises as Destiny, Star Wars, and Halo, and am inspired by many artists such as Dorje Bellbrook, Ryan Church, and Nicholas Bouvier. Below are some examples of the work produced in my final year and I hope to further continue this project as a means of generating more work and evolving my concepts and ultimately, bettering myself as an artist.

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