Hannah Pallister

I’m Hannah Pallister, and I specialise in character design and concept art.

My goal as a concept artist is to create diverse characters that represent the variety of the human experience. My time at university has greatly improved my artistic skills greatly – when I came here I was practically a hobbyist with a background in Fine Art who had little character design knowledge. Since then I have learned much more, as well as picked up basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 4, and Zbrush, programs which I integrate into my concept art process to help improve my own art.

My final year project was to create a series of characters from an original world of my own creation, a group of varied individuals who together form a party of adventurers whose strengths combine in order to protect their world. Shown below are my final designs for these four characters, with some information about each.

Keep Moving Forward.


Portfolio: https://hannahpallister.artstation.com/

Email: hannahpallister@outlook.com

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