Harris Cutting

My name is Harris Cutting and I am a 3D asset and environment artist with big love for games.

During my time at university I have learnt many skills and have worked in groups that consisted of some friendly and talented people. I have gained a lot of knowledge on game development from 3D assets creation to coding using blueprints and Java script. I have created a prototype game during second year to understand the fundamentals of what makes a good game. I have also participated in a couple of jam games that have really showed me what team work is all about when it comes to creating games.

My final project is called The Getaway. I wanted to display all of my skills with 3D asset making and environment design. I also added some code into the scene so that the player is able to pick up items and inspect them to get a better look at the detail of the assets.


Email – Harris_Cutting95@yahoo.co.uk

ArtStation – https://www.artstation.com/artist/harriscutting


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