Ian Todd

Having recently finished the bachelors degree in games art and design at Norwich University of the Arts, I’ve grown tenfold from where I began within traditional art and have taken to painting digitally, finishing university I’m now more familiar to processes used within development of games and animation within industry practice. Using imagination and experimenting with aesthetic and style to create a visual communication in the design pipeline.

2D concept art is my strength and chosen specialisation, however whilst studying at NUA I’ve discovered an interest In further exploring Zbrush and 3D character or item and environment models to a final textured, painted result.


These are some images from my iteration and concept process designing a TellTale, ‘in the life of’, school simulator set at the fictional College: Dumont Academy of Arts, following transfer student Erin’s experiences in her first year leading up to her unexpected lead role as ”Pan” in ‘Neverland’, a theatre production put on by students the following autumn. Exploring players reactions to present themes such as mental health struggles and complexities within identity through choices and a cause-effect gameplay system.




Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/evilrao

Email: ian-sweeny@hotmail.co.uk

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