James Owen

I am a 2D concept artist who likes to create creatures, characters and environments exploring various avenues to find new things into my designs. I have had a keen interest for games and film not only interacting and enjoying, but the art behind them and work invested to produce them. During my time at NUA I have learnt much on how I can improve my skills as an artist, but also my create process to make my designs more coherent and varied. The course has also challenged me to go out of my confront zone exploring different styles, themes and moods which I wouldnt of done, improving my spectrum of work I can produce. I have been also able to explore things in Maya and Zbrush, which has been beneficial for my work to speed and efficiency. I hope I can take what I have learnt to next level in a working environment and produce things for the future generations of games and films.



Email: jamesowenjames@yahoo.co.uk
Portfolio: https://weirdfish690.artstation.com

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