Jodie Peat

Rich detailed textures, dark atmospheric lighting and vast vibrant landscapes are all different elements which drive my passion for art. My work aspires to be that of the Hudson River School and Luminist artists that portray holiness and purity in their landscapes, where the environments are influenced by romanticism and the glorification of nature. I also draw inspiration from other movements such as Classicism and Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelite and Realism which all balance beauty in life and death.

In my work I wanted to translate these artistic elements and merge them with the technology we have today, to create an immersive environment which the viewer can be placed in and experience. To do this I created 360° panoramic matte paintings so that the viewer could look in all directions and experience the rich detailed texture and vibrant landscapes which drive my passion for art. While creating these pieces for my project, I feel as though I’ve come a long way in developing my techniques. I’ve become more precise and attentive while also becoming quicker at producing refined pieces. There were lots of struggles along the way too, learning how to create images in Photoshop using 3D workspaces and battling with the limitations of the program.

Alongside my project work I also decided to start taking lessons in programming, where I started learning HTML and CSS. I am currently learning C and hope to progress to learn many other languages such as Python and Java.  I have also been expanding my knowledge in other programs such as Illustrator, InDesign and Experience Design with the goal to expand my knowledge to web design and user interfaces and experience.

Check out my Artstation or Website to view my images in 360° panoramic.


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