Johan Lagesson

My name is Johan Lagesson and I am a 3D Environment Artist. With a huge passion for video games and art I have been chasing towards a career in the games industry since the age of 14. My main focus has always been on 3D asset creation, but my curiosity has enabled me to learn a very broad range of skills when it comes to game development

For my final year project I chose to create an environment using UE4. The goal with this piece was to use all techniques I have learnt throughout my time at NUA and to create something I could be proud to show in my portfolio to enhance my chances of getting a job in the industry after graduation. As for the setting, I chose to create a Pirate Cove in the 1700’s Caribbean. I learnt a ton in the process of creating it and am very pleased with the result.

As for after graduation, I am super excited to be joining Rare LTD as a 3D Environment Artist Intern where I will be working on their upcoming pirate game ‘Sea of Thieves’.






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