Johanna Valkamo

I see myself as a storyteller, exploring ways to show rather than tell; I’ve carved tales into my art that from my characters to my assets always contain important elements of environmental storytelling. Whilst a fledgeling in the industry, I am a hardworking and eager artist who is more than happy to dive into the deep end to achieve a goal, particularly when collaborating with the aspirations of a team. I have sought as much industry experience as possible during my degree and I hope to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

During my final year I wanted to explore perception; through the use of VR I hope to challenge the viewer’s perception by bringing them into the world the art creates, allow them to explore and alter the ‘viewfinder’ they’re given. I have created a 360° painting of London featuring three different characters and three styles of the city, allowing the audience to interact with the work to see it all. Each sector is influenced by different authors and their versions of London, Stephen King’s Crouch End, a short story inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s work. Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, which features more traditional fantasy themes within its London Below. And finally, K.W. Jeter’s Infernal Devices, a book set within a steampunk Victorian London. You can view the full panoramic painting here!


Rene Bencik

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