Matthew Cummins

My name is Matthew Cummins and I specialize in 3D environment art for games and architectural visualization.

Prior to university I had an interest in games development and when I was sixteen I reached the top ten nominations for the Bafta Young Game Designers game making award. The project taught me many things and required me to learn a range of skills needed to make games, such as asset creation, basic programming and level design.

At university I have been able to build upon this knowledge. I have an understanding of a range of asset creation techniques and have used a variety of different software packages. During second year my main project required me to develop a prototype game with a strong emphasis on good game design and game flow. Additionally second year included two team projects which strengthened my team work skills.

My final year project (Modern Apartment) displayed here showcases some of my skills. Ultimately I wanted this piece to show how real time art can be used to advertise a property or show how a property may look before completion.

The playable version includes interactive elements such as the ability to move, delete and change the colour of walls and objects. Maya, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer and SpeedTree were used to produce the assets for my final project. Unreal Engine was then used to allow me to render the scene in real time and give interactivity to the player using Unreal blueprints.



More images from my final year project as well as some of my other work can be viewed on my portfolio at:

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