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My name is Nes and I have been an avid gamer since back in the early days of the PlayStation era.  Video games have inspired me in ways I could never have predicted, pushing me to aspire for a creative future in the industry and to one day create fantastical worlds of my own the next generation can look up to. I am also deeply motivated by political and social affairs, letting it seep into my work, and I encourage everyone to get involved!

During my time at NUA, I began only informed of 2D illustrative techniques, but I’ve now left with the fundamentals of 3D software such as Maya and Zbrush. With my preferences slightly shifted to 3D, I’m keen to master these tools and have ready a wide range of artistic capabilities under my belt.

Thank you so much for visiting and please visit my Artstation if you wish to see more!




Twitter: Alphaheartt

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