Nick Thomas

My name is Nick Thomas, I’m an artist who specialises in video game concept art and illustration.

I have always been interested in drawing and creating artwork, it has been a major influence in my life, I started to focus on art as a career choose in my college years where I learnt about the games industry.  Since then I have become determined to enter the games industry as a professional concept artist, with this desire I chose to study games art at the NUA.

University helped me to understand so much about what it means to be a concept artist in today’s society of the gaming community.  This has helped me to evolve my drawing skills vastly, learning new techniques which I implement into my work to create new and incredible potential I never knew I had, especially with 2D digital art.  While I mainly focus on 2D artwork, I use 3D programs to help create models and renders of my art to get a better understanding of the composition and layout.  I am moving onto creating more narrative driven pieces as I primarily interested in bringing my characters to life.

I am always finding ways to push my skills and go beyond my limits as an artist, and to create an interesting and entertaining career in the games industry.



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