Owen John Badham

Specializing in 3D asset creation with a strong focus on character assets for games.

My end of year project was a break from my earlier work as I wanted to branch into modular asset creation for level designers, as someone who’s not afraid to be freelance I wanted to be able to have an agile, adaptable, skill set and try my hand at as many aspect of asset creation as possible.

For this project I authored my own substances, meshes and decals. Creating modular snap to assets that can be repurposed for many different scenes by changing colors, dirt, damage marks etc, from within the level building program itself (a tool kit for level building). Utilizing and augmenting my extensive knowledge of 3D modeling techniques and programs (Maya, Zbrush, Substance suits etc).

The main thing I’ve learned during my time at University is to be adaptive and flexible in my approach to learning new software and techniques, here on the bleeding edge there will always be new methods and techknowledgies, so I believe a passion for constant learning is one of my biggest assets.


Email: Odieoni@gmail.com

Rene Bencik

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