Rytis Juknevicius

Lithuanian Character designer and illustrator, graduate from Norwich University of the Arts Games art and design course.

I have always been fascinated about fantasy world and there is no better place to experience it than video games or films.  After I got interested in video games development 4 years ago, and started practicing my drawing skills, I have come a long way, and shortly I have got to realise that if I put enough time, I can be one of the people included in creation of those fantastic worlds that people so enjoy to see in fantasy games and films. During my time in University I have gained knowledge on softwares such as UE4, Maya, zBrush and photoshop that will one day come in handy working with professionals in the industry. Even though I have been drawing only for 4 years, I have come a long way from drawing stick-man like figures, to finally being able to create something unique that I can share with art community and people across the globe. I am always practicing and learning, as there is no limits of how much you can improve.


Email: rytisjukne@gmail.com

Portfolio:  https://www.artstation.com/artist/rytisjukneviius

Rene Bencik

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