Simon Thomas Adam Rayner

I’m a 2D concept artist with both literary and theatrical roots. As such I’ve taken inspiration from the 18th century play A Doll’s House for my final project, interpreting the metaphors that cling and make up the character Nora as visual design elements, charting her development over the three acts of the play. A subservient woman, little more than an ornament of the house, I’ve interpreted her as a boss monster to be fought in a game. Collaborating with 3D artist Jordan Albon, we took my idea from sketches and paintings to a fully-realised model, poised for battle.

I began painting and was introduced to digital art as a whole at the beginning of the course, a keen sketcher beforehand having never touched a graphics tablet. During my time at NUA, I’ve developed a breadth of skills spanning digital painting, sculpting and modelling as well as programming within UE4, creating an autobiographical art game. A lover of games and all mediums of fiction in general, I’m not only inspired by fantastical creatures and worlds and the games that showcase them, but also games that challenge what the medium can do and be. Currently a writer for both Machinima SBOC and Zelda Informer, I aim to push my eclectic skillset into the realm of indie-game development to craft memorable, interactive experiences.



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