Tanya Maynard

I’m Tanya Maynard, I’m a 2D Concept Artist and a Character Designer.

I have always been interested in creating Characters and giving them stories ever since I was young. My Inspiration mostly had come from Games and even Cartoons.  I’ve had always been eager learn a lot to help expand my ideas and give my characters life which I have always love doing. I was able to have this freedom when I had joined NUA: Games Art and Design which I was able to spread my wings and explore the possibilities behind the Games. Throughout my years of Games Art and Design, I am happy of how much I have improved by coming out of my comfort zone to achieve bigger challenges within ZBrush, Maya and Unreal Engine. Which still then I am always willing to learn more to achieve better goals in my life to create a more diverse of Characters and even now Environments and my own Stories within games.

My Final year project is something that I wanted to express of how much I adore Companionship games such as The Last Guardian and even Brothers: Tales of two sons. And so my stories for my project is based on Gulliver’s Travels, Laputa: The City/Castle in the Sky as we meet two characters, Alba and Oban, to set off on a journey to find it while being chased by an exiled Prince Eko who wants power to overthrow Kingdoms.  For this I was inspired by Arabic and Indian Culture and even Mesopotamian/Babylonian Culture.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns on my work, I would love to hear feedback from you!

Thank you kindly.



Portfolio: artstation.com/artist/king-astra

Email: maynardt54@gmail.com




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