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Ciaran McGuirk


Hi, my name is Ciaran McGuirk. I have a background in Fine Art and have a love of video games and
wanted a way to combine my artistic skills with my passion for games; this led me to come to NUA.
While at NUA I have learnt so much about games design and development on this course. During
year two I specialised in Asset production and have focused on Environment Art. The images you are
looking at are of my Jazz Stage and a church alter, these are the projects I completed for my final
year. The idea for the jazz stage came from my love of playing the trombone. I wanted to create an
old jazz club stage set in the modern day.

The altar was my first ever diorama and I made it because I felt I was moving away from my religion
and wanted to get closer to in and through doing research and taking first hand references I feel that
it has brought me closer. In the diorama I wanted to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, to give
the feeling of being in a church. Enjoy.




Tomas Ellis