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Alex Yung


Bringing my imagination to life has always been my dream, through studying games art, I am able to transform my vision into different interactive experiences. Creating 3D assets are fun and enjoyable, and I love spending times on surface details so the end result could look as realistic as possible. The most satisfying moment in making games art is when I see audiences spend time exploring and giving comments, these positive motivations push me to improve and move forward in the game industry.

A little story about my final project:
In an undisclosed location deep into the centre of Peru, a long forgotten Inca ruin sets on top of a mountain cliff. As it seems the ancient ones were long gone, what’s left are clay pots and strange rock formations with some curious markings. Wait for a second, is that a stone alpaca? Could this be the sacred Incan site: ‘Llama Picchu’?



Tomas Ellis