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Andreas Gerakianakis

A few years before starting my degree at NUA, I had recently come over from Greece looking to pursue a full-time art career. This was due to the lack of artistic opportunities in Greece and my ever-growing passion for digital art. I studied Graphic Design and Media throughout my A-Levels, which helped me hone and develop my artistic and digital skills, in turn, allowing me to get one step closer to my goal at becoming a 2D Character artist.

During my first year at NUA however, with the help of our tutors and the specialised workshops, I discovered that I had an immense passion for 3D modelling – in particular, 3D Character modelling. This discovery made me strive away from my original goal at pursuing a career in 2D and decided to primarily focus on 3D Character design. Throughout my last two years at NUA I constantly tried to improve my understanding of different industry pipelines and methodologies, in order to apply them to my work, while also trying to grow as an artistic individual along the way. This taught me that as an artist, you never stop growing and evolving, which is something I am really looking forward to work on in the future.

I am currently working on starting up a company with a few course-mates, to ultimately gain experience and build up my portfolio to the best of my abilities. That however, will not stop me from looking for potential jobs and placements within the industry.




Mobile: 07809493637

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