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Anthony Cooper

Coming from a traditional, fine-art background, I would not have expected to use what I knew so cohesively with what I was going to learn. I had joined the course with the idea in mind of being a 2D character designer and building narratives through design. All of my previous education has helped me excel in this course, including Drama and Media studies. I was unsure of my path, as my skills were suited better to a concept artist. However, I learnt to enjoy the technicality of 3D, and my art adjusted to the workflow. Through the will to learn and the confidence in taking the risk, I have left the Games Art and Design course a 3D generalist specialising in stylised character art and design. I still have the passion for the aspects the other specialisms had to offer, and I intend to improve my skills to better each other.



Instagram: @Anthony.Here


Kira-Nerys Sugden