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Calyx Allerton-Bullard

In college, I’d never have thought to study games art, despite my interest in videogames, art and media studies – discovering that it was an actual area of study changed everything for me, and I worked hard to get into a university with a games art degree. The day I was accepted into NUA I was overjoyed; thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue my interests and to learn.

During Year 1, I discovered that I actually enjoyed 3D modelling much more then I had expected, though despite this I went on to initially specialise in Concept Art in Year 2, before switching to Asset Production. Through the guidance and support of my tutors, I continued to improve and become better at asset production, and outside of university I used my time to study other areas of art, such as scientific illustration and character design; this all lead me to focus my specialisation to creature and character design.

University helped me hone my interests and skills, and was critical to my growth as both a person and an artist. I’ve learnt a lot in my three years, and I can’t wait to take it into a future career or study. I plan to spend time from here building up my portfolio and looking for jobs in the industry. I will never forget the years I’ve spent here, and I am incredibly grateful for the support from my lecturers and my university along the way.




Kira-Nerys Sugden