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Chris Lane

I have always been interested in the games industry and wanted to pursue a career in it. When starting at NUA I wanted to see where my skills could take me. I originally did not know if I wanted to be a concept artist or a 3D artist but found 3D to be much more enjoyable to me. NUA provided us with the software we needed as well as teaching us the fundamentals on how to create props and by the end of year one I felt confident in making assets.

Over the course of my 3 year degree I have honed my skills and I have created some of the pieces you can see here. I know that I still have a lot to learn but NUA has provided me with a good base to stand on.

I have been actively applying for jobs and improving my skills

to try and secure a place within the industry. I look forward to what my future holds and to securing my first job within the games industry.‚Äč




Mobile: 07368333944

Brandon Toop