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Claire Bishop

Originally I was going to do Fine Art at NUA with my ambition being to become a painter. However during the months leading up to university I found myself growing ever more captivated with video game’s artistic beauty. Wanting to further explore how art is used in game development, I changed to Game Art and Design where I have specialised in 3D Environment Art.

My environments are highly influenced by my Fine Art background, having focus on colour and composition. My first 3rd year project was an exploration into the meditative state of mind and was inspired by my exploration into Buddhism at the time. With this diorama I hoped to show off my skills in creating stylised assets. For my most recent project, I moved away from stylisation and focused more on my Art influences, taking the lighting and dark atmosphere presented in Vanitas and Still Life movements and translating them into 3D. This desktop environment told the story of a struggling artist, haunted by his previous paintings. This project also allowed me to incorporate my painting skills into creating the two canvases in the scene, something I hope to do more of in the future.




Kira-Nerys Sugden