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Danny Chan

Throughout my three years at NUA, I always knew I wanted to become a concept artist. My passion for games originated from game development, which led to my BAFTA Nomination and thus, the discovery of concept art. Now, I specialise and have a strong interest in environment, character, creature and prop design. I can also iterate with quick and effective sketches combined with research and references.

I have continuously traveled to different events and networked with many industry professionals. As a result, I have built close connections and landed an internship and studio visit as part of my FMP. This work experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me further grow as an individual.

Since post hand-in, I have been working on a self-directed project and have continued the job hunt in hopes of landing my first job. I am looking forward to working in a hardworking, communicative, and respected team to share my ideas to help create amazing art and games. I would like to thank NUA’s tutors and everyone for their time, investment and resources.​






Mobile: 07835145255

Brandon Toop