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Dervis Ozsaidoglu

As an Artist, my greatest ambition is to relate, inspire and provoke thought in people. I started with pen & paper, moved onto Chalk, then Acrylic and Oil paints. And now, my talents have progressed to Digitial Mediums and 3D space. Games Art, personally, isn’t just making video games. It’s a form of emotive expression where a singular, or group of artists, can collaborate and work together to narrate and immerse audiences through another artistic medium.

Studying at NUA has given me the opportunity to expand upon my existing artistic skill set, giving me another branch to express myself and another platform to explore my creative vision. I’ve learnt a lot studying at NUA, from composition, colour theory and lighting, to more ‘core’ skills, such as efficient 3D modelling, Environment Set Dressing and learning industry-grade software.

‚ÄčI will be planning to find work in the Games Industry to hone my skills as a 3D Artist, then when I feel the time is right, push myself to work in other fields such as Architectural Visualisation or the Film/CGI Industry.





Brandon Toop