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Ethan Place

My name is Ethan and I am a graduate 3D environment artist looking to break into the games industry. I studied traditional art throughout GCSE and A-Level developing my fundamental skills and values, before moving to digital art when I started at university. It didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to pursue 3D art as a career after picking it up for the first time and turning a primitive cylinder into the most incredible oil barrel (at least to me it was). It felt like something just clicked.

As an artist the two words I would use to characterise myself are focused and driven. I find myself often deep-diving into the technical aspects of digital art. I enjoy looking deeper into game mechanics as well and like to explore this further in side-projects.

I have spent the past two years learning about everything I can under the words ‘game design’. I am always looking to improve my craft and for ways that I can optimise my workflows with new methods. I can see myself constantly evolving as an artist and never stopping.

I am currently looking for a position as an environment artist at a studio where I can really be pushed to develop and improve, show off my prowess as an artist, and earn my first mark in the industry. I am open to relocation and look forward to everything that comes with getting a career within games.



Twitter: @ethanplaceArt

Instagram: @ethanplace


Mobile: 07864 340472

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