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Grace Collas

When I first started the Games Art and Design course I had little confidence in my work and capabilities. I wanted to start an Indie studio but I was unsure of how or if I would ever be good enough.

I’ve met some amazing people and I’ve found out where I fit into the game design process, I’ve always felt a disconnect with concept art and realised there is more to 2D games art than just concept art. Through working in group projects I’ve realised that Art Direction is the role I want to have. I enjoy being able to motivate teams and work with them to make sure our vision comes to life.I enjoyed starting the LARP Society being free to share my hobby with others and meet new friends.

After graduation a few of us are starting an Indie Studio, I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to achieve and nervous for what the future holds.

Overall my University career has been full of ups and downs, I am glad to be graduating but I will forever miss those that should be graduating alongside us.


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