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Hannah Goldfinch


I’m Hannah Goldfinch, a character and concept artist, with a keen interest in creating compelling
characters and environments. My final project’s goal was to create, from concept through to 3D and
textured, a healer-class character that subverted classic tropes (such as a flimsy build, and ranged
healing as opposed to physical contact). I am continually pushing myself with new software and
techniques, to not only help me fully realise my ideas and concepts, but also to allow me a freedom
in how I go about creating their look and conveying their key characteristics.

Moving forward, I’m looking into freelance work in the tabletop-gaming industry or indie-dev
industry, particularly with those who are interested in exploring new, different, and fun ideas. In my
spare time, I enjoy reading and writing analytical articles about the social and technical ins and outs
of game design, and have an eventual hope to fully realise a game concept that incorporates what
I’ve learned from said research, as well as elements I’d like to see further explored in the gaming

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