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Harry Ramsbottom

Throughout University, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to experience multiple different areas of Game Design which has allowed me to isolate my abilities in to one area, 3D. I quickly developed a far better understanding and grasp of creating high-quality 3D assets and environments compared to making digital concept art which I had previous experience in through my college diploma before staring my Degree at NUA.
The course gave me the opportunity to develop my skills within my first year and then gave me greater range of projects to improve me skills within 3D in the next two years. Most recognizable of this, was the entire of third year as it allowed me to focus on two 3D environments of my own choosing.
As towards looking at the future, I’ve began applying for jobs within a wide range of different studios, from Indie to tipple A and hoping to find employment within the Games industry. I’m looking forward to applying my skills to an actually working title and being part of the process. It will allow me to further improve my skills with industry professionals.





Mobile: 07467467363

Kira-Nerys Sugden