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Jack Felice

Before coming to University, the intention was to develop and refine my 2D Art Skills to become a Concept Artist. However, after being reintroduced to 3D Modelling, I knew I wanted to become a 3D Artist. I had previously used 3Ds Max in Coleg Sir Benfro (Pembrokeshire College), but NUA taught a wider range of Industry Packages from Maya, Substance Suite and Unreal Engine.

Over the 3 Years studying at NUA has pushed the boundaries of my skillset to new horizons and aside from technical skills, has allowed me to explore more contextual theories such as Composition, PBR Workflows and Colour Theory. Undeniably, University has been a priceless experience that has expanded my current artistic skills that in contrast have significantly improved since First Year. However, I have a journey yet to go before I believe I have reached the level of quality I aspire to, and that can only be reached by practice and learning.

Since University has finished, there had been some deliberation on what to do next. Ultimately, the goal is to become a 3D Environment/Material Artist in the Games Industry. There had actually also been considerations for working in Museum Conservation. History has and is a huge driving force behind my creative working practice since College, and I wish to sustain that and to continue to influence my work (Especially when it’s Welsh History!). Currently though, I have been applying for jobs and am open to any that requires my skills.



Instagram: @jrjf_3d


Mobile: 07794931326

Kira-Nerys Sugden