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Jade Briers

Coming into this degree i always had a love for 2D art and illustration. ​This did not change through my duration through the course. My passion lies in creating spaces and characters as opposed to modelling them. I have a strong love for all things fantasy, creating creatures that c​an Intrigue and disturb. Over the past three years my work has changed significantly as i started with no knowledge of Photoshop at all. I started only wanting smooth clean rendering to wanting to use all the textured brushes and brush features that i initially thought weren’t for me.

There are a lot of things i want to improve on moving forward. I want to continue to push and learn further on my anatomy skills after learning a great deal through the wax anatomy sessions. I want to push myself to create more environments and other aspects outside of my comfort zone in both content and style. I believe as an 2D artist you should be able to adapt your style and evolve it to better your library of opportunity.

Going forward I’m going to keep applying for jobs in the creative field even outside of games and reach out for freelance opportunities.





Phone: 07726591238

Brandon Toop