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Jay Cao

After the three years at NUA, I learnt various ways of workflows and pipelines, whilst growing as an artist by revising knowledge of art movements from A level Fine Art. I enjoyed working and engaging with peers who share similar interests.

In my university practice I found great interest and passion for 3D environment art especially the world building element of it, allowing the audience play detective and piecing small details together to understand the meaning and story of the scene. I also enjoyed creating nice composition shots and using colour theory to create area of interests to capture and hold the viewer’s eyes.

During my last weeks at NUA, I continued working on my portfolio and developing my skills. I’m working on a vintage film camera prop which I intend hone my skills and further progress my knowledge and skills. I’m also looking for jobs which will hopefully land me a junior 3D environment artist role in the industry either in a small or big studio.




Mobile: 07762240725

Kira-Nerys Sugden