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Katie Wickens


An eclectic, adaptable environment artist who favours an agile, iterative process and understands
the importance of research, planning and efficiency at every turn. I pride myself on thorough
optimisation, scene composition and environmental storytelling.

Over the past few years, I have become proficient in Substance Painter, Maya and Photoshop as well
as honing my skills in both spec-gloss and metal-rough PBR material creation in Substance designer. I
have practice with real time rendering in UE4, blueprinting and even vector graphic design for UI. I
have also been learning to integrate Speedtree and Worldmachine into my workflow.

My work has primarily taken the direction of hard surface and stylised assets, having developed a
large body of low poly work, I have recently been working toward more photo-realistic PBR designs
and organic assets during my final project.


Tomas Ellis