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Kristan Elvin

I came to NUA with the goal of learning how to make games. Over the course of my degree I can confidentially say I have come out of the other end with the skills to do that. I have enjoyed all elements of game design and development and I struggled to narrow down one career path I would really want to follow. So, for my final year I focused on all elements of game design and development by independently creating two vastly different projects.

I specifically made them completely different genres, so I could learn A wide variety of skills and show how versatile I could be as a developer. One being a First-Person Physics Puzzler called “Phase It” and the second, which can be seen in the images above, “Wind Up” a local multiplayer One Hit Knock-out fighter/party game.

Looking towards the future following the positive reception of “Wind Up” at Norwich Games Festival and the enthusiasm from my fellow students, I will be working further on “Wind Up” with some other graduates with the goal of getting it released on as many platforms as possible.​






Kira-Nerys Sugden