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Laura Howlett


Hi! I’m Laura and my specialism is 2D, which can range from pixel dinosaurs to interior design for cat
people. My skills include character design, creature design, environment design, pixel art and
animation. Many of these I hadn’t tried or did not know about before coming to university, so these
three years have helped me figure out what I enjoy doing most, and how to improve at it.

For my final project, I wanted to expand my skills in both character and environment design. I was
inspired by French Rococo style clothes and interior design, and wanted to create two characters
and two rooms based around that theme. I also wanted to convey the two characters through their
environments. The cat character is a prince, so his room is lavish and over the top and appears
unlived, whereas the mouse character is a maid who may get little to no pay for her work, so her
room is smaller but cosy and comfortable.




Tomas Ellis