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Leila Dailly

When I started my 3 years at NUA my goal was to become a concept artist for games and work in Japan, but I soon found out that my calling was for 3D environments. I have grown as an individual and as an artist throughout these 3 years, developing skills within allegorithmic’s substance programs and garnering new skills within Zbrush.

I strive to create artwork that resonates with people. By adding personality within my work to showcase who I am as an individual, I want to create a familiarity with my audience. We need more art that is less serious and more fun to engage with.

During my last term, I have been attending a number of industry talks and networking sessions to make my presence known and establish myself. And during this time I started BAME JAM, a nonprofit to bring awareness to the diversity issue within the games industry and provide an opportunity for young people to discover a passion for a career in games.



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