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Liam Colvin

During my time at NUA I have made a lot of friends for life and people who share the same interests as me, being taught multiple different things at university from concept art, 3D modelling and texturing as well as indie development has been an exciting journey for the 3 years I have studied here.

I had wanted to be a 3D artist before I had come to university, but I didn’t know a lot about the processes involved to make game ready models, during my study at NUA I had found a passion for the processes and the attention to detail needed for 3D, although at time these things can be challenging and tested my knowledge, the problem solving has also helped me become a much more professional artist.

The software that I mainly use consists of Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter and small amounts of Substance Designer, all of these software’s took time to learn but have proven to be my holy grail to my workflow, my main interests in 3D is to create realistic models that are mainly machinery of some kind. I pride myself on the attention to detail of my work which is something I have improved during my time at university.

My goals for after University are to improve my portfolio and create environments for my existing assets to create a more complete look to all of my assets, and from there hopefully get myself into a job in the industry doing what I love.


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