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Liisa Zukova


My art experience lies in diverse fields, including classical animation, fashion illustration, filmmaking ,
acting and concept art. Every new page of my life has given me valuable experience that I’ve been using
to find approaches to new tasks. However, there has always been something between the lines that has
focused my interest.

It has been costume design.

Many hours have been spent on studying history of costume, garments of the 19th and the 20th century
designers and fashion houses like the House of Wirth, Jeanne Paquin, Poiret and fashion illustrations of
Erté, Barbier, Dryden any many, many others. Clothes and costumes have become an essential part of my
life, I dare to say that I’m my own project, wearing unique vintage clothes daily, and I strongly believe in
the importance of the concept of beauty, being captivated with garments, buildings or elements of
interiors that I find aesthetically attractive myself.




Tomas Ellis