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Mareike Rieger

I am a 3D Environment Artist and Communication Designer. I came to NUA as part of a 6-month
Erasmus program to study Games Art and Design, as I wanted to be 3D Game Artist. After extending
my Erasmus stay to a 12-month period I decided to finish my degree in Games Art & Design at NUA
and continued to specialise in environment and prop art. Beforehand I studied 6 semesters of
communication design in Germany; where I acquired skills in: photography, cinematography,
illustration, typography, editorial design, cooperate design, 2D animation, 3D modelling and
animation. During my studies I worked as a freelance photographer, cinematographer and graphic
designer on a multitude of projects. I always wanted to make art for games and found my passion for
environment art and environmental storytelling when I came to NUA. The focus for my art lies in
informed design based on historical research and how to translate, adapt and optimise it for the use
in games.

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Tomas Ellis