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Mia Tidnam

Starting out at NUA, I was unsure on which pathway to take in terms of game development. By working within each specialism, I was able to experience different aspects, and figure out which I enjoyed the most. While I may not have done so well with the 2D and 3D specialisms, I still learned a great deal, and was able to apply that knowledge to the fullest when I began work on indie development. It was here that I found my passion for game creation, being more so on the side of coming up with game concepts and ideas and executing them.

I feel that in the long term I wish to pursue jobs that involve smaller games and studios. Aside from game development, I’ve also found my artistic passion to be within the niche art form of pixel art, which is often used within indie studios and is something that is often looked for, especially when it is done well.

I am already offering my art services for a few clients who enjoy this style of art, and I have been developing my own solo projects such as “Grabbit”, a 2D pixel platformer that takes full advantage of my skill set in order to deliver an enjoyable experience for those who play it. If I can take these projects further I may be able to get these published online, and present myself to the world as a true game developer.




Kira-Nerys Sugden