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Michaela Knights


In a nutshell, I’m a 3D Environment and Props artist with a traditional background and strong
interest in narrative. I specialised in 3D during my second year as I really enjoyed the process from
start to finish. Alongside games I also love films and animations equally and I frequently take
inspiration from them and other mediums to influence my artwork. In my spare time I am learning
more about narrative as I enjoy the idea creation process and hope to develop animated shorts and
game cinematics in the future.

My most recent piece ‘Japanese Storefronts’ was inspired by Mateusz Urbanowicz ‘Tokyo Storefront
Series’. These watercolour illustrations had the mood and personality I wanted to portray and with
these illustrations and other references I designed two storefronts with sketches and during the
modelling phase. I am developing this project further as I want to tell more of a story in the
environment and experiment with some basic animations, as well as do a night time lighting pass.


Tomas Ellis