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Morgana Clowes

When watching a livestream hosted by a former student of Norwich University of the Arts. At the time, I wanted to work with my art in an interactive format, but I didn’t believe I had the artistic skills needed to work in the games industry outright. After getting in touch with the streamer, she told me a great deal about NUA and after a years’ study in Cornwall on an access to HE program, I was accepted into NUA after applying to several universities. Honestly, it was just a very peculiar coincidence.

I came into NUA under the belief I’d only be able to work in 2d and that I’d simply struggle with every other form of media. I initially wished to work in a large studio for the security and a deeply specialized role. I learned very quickly that I was able to work a diverse range of fields in both 2d, 3d and level design. Dozens of guests lecturers taught me about the various sides of the industry and after much exploration and research, I realised I could work an arts’ generalist role and decided to pursue an independent career field instead with a team of diversely skilled people.

Now equipped with a wide range of skills, I am now working with a group of colleagues from the university to start a studio here in Norwich, as we have fallen in love with this city and wish to help bolster the games’ industry in the region.




Kira-Nerys Sugden